Specialist Medical Training

Stockholm Care offers government sponsored non-EU doctors the opportunity to earn their specialist certificate in Stockholm. The specialist medical training program offers unique opportunities for international doctors to learn from leading practitioners and researchers within their specialty as well as benefit from the Swedish approach to healthcare with its emphasis on team-based, patient centered and value-based care. All doctors in the program will treat Swedish patients under the supervision of senior healthcare professionals.

The program is approved and regulated by the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare, and follows the guidelines for the equivalent specialist training of Swedish doctors. All participants will receive an individually designed curriculum following the Swedish model. After a successful completion of the program, international doctors will earn a specialist certificate from public health authorities within clinical training.

During your time in Stockholm, Stockholm Care will proactively support you and your family in gaining the most from your clinical training and stay in Sweden.

Please see the program description below for details about specialist medical training in Stockholm.

Application & acceptance process

Stockholm Care invites you to apply for available positions. As an applicant, you will not only be expected to meet stringent criteria but also show a very high level of attainment and clinical skills.

After receiving your application, Stockholm Care will ensure the validity of the provided documentation. Qualified candidates will be contacted for an initial Skype-interview. During the interview you will receive additional information about specialist training and living in Sweden. The interview will give you a good opportunity to discuss issues of importance to you and your family.

Together with the responsible clinic, Stockholm Care will short list 2-3 candidates for each position. Short listed candidates will be invited to Stockholm for 3-5 days of meetings, interviews and auscultation. During the visit you will be expected to show both theoretical and clinical abilities.

Selected candidates will be contacted by Stockholm Care and receive an acceptance letter offering specialist training in Sweden.

We currently have no open positions.

Permits and relocation

To practice medicine in Sweden you will need permits from the National Board of Health and Welfare as well as the Swedish Migration Agency. Stockholm Care will guide you through the process of applying for the required permits as well as keep track of renewal dates and the required documents.

Relocating to a new country and city is a major step for you and your family. Stockholm Care have partnered with a leading relocation firm that will help you with everything from finding suitable housing and schools to getting a social security number and setting-up a Swedish bank account. To find out more about Stockholm and Sweden, please visit https://sweden.se/ or https://www.visitstockholm.com/.

Language training and clinical introduction

A vital component to gaining the most from your clinical training, as well as integrating you and your family into Swedish society, is to master Swedish. Since proficiency in Swedish is also a requirement for patient contact, each international doctor will start their training with education in Swedish. The training will provide skills in both general and medical Swedish as well as train you in medical communication.

To further ease your integration into your clinical training, you will gradually be introduced to your new clinic while in language training. The introduction enables you to both get to know your future colleagues as well as prepare you for your new role at the clinic. Details may differ between clinics but may range from auscultations to attending staff meetings.

Specialist medical training

Region Stockholm provides world class training to more than 1500 medical specialists at its hospitals and facilities. International specialist training is an integrated part of Region Stockholm’s specialist training. As an international specialist doctor in training, you will be working with Swedish colleagues, under Swedish regulations and treat Swedish patients under the supervision of senior healthcare professionals.

As for any Swedish doctor undergoing specialist training, you will be required to complete a specified set of goals. The goals are set by the National Board of Health and Welfare and range from general for all specialties to goals specific for your chosen specialty. The goals will also include elements related to adjacent specialties. Approximately four years are dedicated to the specialty concerned, and 12-18 months to rotations in adjacent specialties. To ensure that you receive a full specialist training, your education will therefore include placements at other Region Stockholm hospitals.

Each specialist doctor in training will be given an individual curriculum that aligns with their goals. The curriculum will contain planned internal and external education, participation in research and quality development as well as time for regular individual studies. Each specialist doctor in training will be provided a tutor and a responsible director of studies. Together with your tutor and director of studies you will continuously follow up and review your curriculum and progress towards the specified goals.

Finally, your mastery of the specified goals will be certified by the responsible head of clinic, director of education and your tutor. Specialist medical training takes at least five and a half years to complete.


After successfully completing your specialist training you will be granted an official certificate from the National Board of Health and Welfare. You will also be granted a diploma signed by the head of your Swedish clinic.

Please note that you will not have a formal Swedish specialist degree and will not be able to independently practice medicine in Sweden after completing your training.

Continuous support

During your time in Sweden, a representative from Stockholm Care will proactively keep in contact with you and your clinic to ensure that both your clinical training and stay in Sweden is progressing as well as possible.

Stockholm Care will also support your sponsor with any follow-up requirements (such as regular reports) or similar requests.

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