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How to apply for Treatment

It’s a huge decision to travel to another country for treatment of a severe and potentially life-threatening disease. Our dedicated team of Customer Service Managers are ready to assist you and your family in the best way possible to assure you get the best treatment possible.

There are several ways to be referred for planned specialist and highly specialized care with care providers in the Stockholm area:

Self-Referral by Patients and Relatives

You can refer yourself as a Self-Referrer by filling in our Application Form. In this case, we would require a brief and updated medical history – preferably by a treating physician – including any relevant test and lab results. You also have to provide us with details of how you intend to finance your requested medical treatment.

Direct Referral by Professionals

Alternatively, a Direct Referral by Professionals could be done. A direct referral will only be valid if your treating hospital, your Public Health Authority or your private insurance company send a referral letter and all relevant medical documentation directly to Stockholm Care. One of our Customer Service Mangers will then make sure that the referral will be taken care of and get to the most appropriate care provider in the Stockholm area based on your needs. To refer a patient or discuss a case with a Customer Service Manager, please click here >>

Our step-by-step guide explaining the self-referral process for Treatment

1. Fill in our application form to start the process

To make a self-referral or a request for treatment, please complete the online Application Form and upload copies of recent medical documents in English or Swedish. You could also send medical documents by ordinary mail, by courier or by e-mail. Please see Sending documents for more information on how to send medical documents.

2. We take care of your request and perform a medical assessment

A Customer Service Manager will confirm receipt of your application within a few days and keep you informed about the progress of your application. If needed the Customer Service Manager will contact you to clarify any outstanding matters or ask you to complement your application. It is of utmost important that we fully understand your request and what you are expecting to get help with. Your application will be forwarded to the care provider of your choice or the most appropriate care provider in the Stockholm area, to check availability and perform a medical assessment find out if we will be able to assist you regarding your request.

3. You receive a preliminary plan and estimated cost

If the requested treatment or other medical services can be offered, as a next step we will present a preliminary plan going forward as well as estimated costs. Please note that most costs for medical services are individually set depending on the services required. At this stage all costs are quoted as estimated costs. The final costs you will get after delivery of the treatment or services of your choice.

4. Arrange the finances and get your confirmation

After you and/or your sponsor have confirmed our offer for treatment, we will finally set the agreement. Once the agreement is signed and the agreed financing is secured by Stockholm Care, the medical services will be finally scheduled and confirmed by the care provider.

Approved forms of financing are:

  • Pre-payment or deposit payment (Self-paying patient)
  • Guarantee of Payment (Private medical insurance or Official guarantor/Payer)
  • Approved S2 form (Patients from EU financed by public health authority)

5. We are at your service for all practical matters

Our dedicated Customer Service Team are happy to assist with practical matters before, during and after your stay in Sweden. They could for example assist you in providing certificates for visa application, hotel reservations, booking of interpreters as well as arranging local transport within Stockholm. Talk to your assigned Customer Service Manager.

6. We conclude your case and send final invoice

When the medical services are completed we will send a medical report in English and a final invoice of the total cost. If the final cost is lower than estimated cost we will reimburse the surplus amount paid in advance, and if the final cost is higher than estimated we will require an additional payment.

Fill in the Application Form today!

If you wish to apply for patient care in Sweden, please begin by completing the Application Form. Our Customer Service Managers will be in touch as soon as possible to start the process.
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