Diplomats, Expats and Visitors

Stockholm Care offer planned highly specialized care for expats and members of diplomatic missions. Stockholm Care is a Shared Service Center fully owned by Region Stockholm (the local government of Stockholm) that offers access to the resources of the Region Stockholm hospitals and also several specialized clinics in Stockholm.

When in need of medical assistance your first step is to contact the local health care centre, the nearest hospital or choose a health care provider in the County of Stockholm by active choice within the Vårdval Stockholm scheme.

In case of a medical emergency – call the emergency services on 112. Or contact any of the major hospitals in Stockholm.


If you are a temporary visitor in Sweden and become ill during your stay, you are always entitled to receive essential healthcare. This could involve emergency healthcare, or healthcare that cannot wait until you return home. The cost of this healthcare will depend on which country you come from.

As visitor seeking medical care call 1177, from outside Sweden +46 711 11 77 00, to obtain healthcare advice from a nurse or contact the most appropriate hospital or care provider, Vårdval Stockholm.

Diplomats and Expats

Stockholm Care coordinates planned and highly specialized care for members of diplomatic missions and expats, working and living in Sweden. Access is provided to Region Stockholm hospitals and various specialist clinics in the Stockholm region.

The medical services we provide include medical second opinions and a broad range of advanced and specialized treatments. Foremost, Stockholm Care is the key link to the excellent medical services offered at Karolinska University Hospital as well as other hospitals and specialist clinics. We will gladly assist you when you are in need of specialized care or rehabilitation. To apply for medical treatment please fill in our online Application Form.

As your partner when you need highly specialized care or rehabilitation, Stockholm Care will help you with the administration and act as your liaison with the caregiver. We also provide cost estimates for the planned care and manage all financial dealings between you and the caregiver. Issues with your insurance company can also be handled by us if you wish.

If you are a EU citizen working for a Swedish employer and have a certificate from your employer stating the above, when seeking medical treatment, you should contact the care provider directly.

Payment for diplomats at accredited diplomatic missions in Sweden

Diplomatic missions may make inquiries and special arrangements with Stockholm Care regarding procedures to enable payment for invoices using payment guarantees from the embassy or the S1 form (formerly E106).

Stockholm Care accepts payment guarantees from some embassies. Patients whose embassies pay the costs of their treatment are not required to make an advance payment. However, Stockholm Care must receive a payment guarantee from the embassy in writing prior to the start of treatment.

Payment from private companies/organizations

Stockholm Care accepts payment guarantees from companies that pay for treatment for their employees, for example expats based in Sweden. Before starting treatment, Stockholm Care makes an individual assessment of the company/organization’s ability to pay or orders a credit report. Patients whose company pays the costs of their treatment are not required to make an advance payment. Stockholm Care must receive a payment guarantee from the company in writing prior to the start of treatment.

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