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Most international patients requesting medical services through Stockholm Care follow either of the processes – self-referral or direct referral by treating hospital, Public Health Authority or private medical insurance company.

If you are a self-referrer you need to fill in our online Application Form. You will there provide us with details of how you intend to finance your requested medical services. In the Application Form you will also provide us with details of your problem or condition, together with relevant details from your medical history, in order for us to liaise with the appropriate care provider regarding your possible treatment plan and provide you with an accurate estimation of cost or quotation.

Self-paying patient

Self-paying patients typically pre-pay the estimated cost for the medical services requested. In some complex cases, it might be difficult in advance to decide on the most suitable procedures that will follow the initial procedure. In these cases, a deposit-payment will be applied. Your Customer Service Manager will let you know what kind of payment model will apply in your case. If you are a self-paying patient start the request process by filling in our online Application Form.

Private medical insurance International patients covered by private medical insurance will follow either of two processes – direct referral or self-referral.

Direct referral
Stockholm Care has signed agreements with some private insurance companies. In some cases, patients are directly referred to Stockholm Care by their private insurance company. If that is the case Stockholm Care will handle all communication regarding handling and financing with the insurance company directly.

If you are a self-referrer with a private medical insurance you first need to check that your insurance covers treatment of your current condition and that the insurer agrees on having your planned medical services in Sweden and organized by Stockholm Care. Finally, you should review your policy to ensure it has no exclusions, limits or deductions. When this is done, you need to fill in our online Application Form and mark that financing will be handled via your private medical insurance.

If everything is in order Stockholm Care will receive a Letter of Guarantee from your insurance company and all handling of costs for medical treatment will be handled between Stockholm Care and the insurance company. You are only financial liable for the costs and charges that will not be covered by your insurance.

Official guarantor/Payer

International patients sometimes have the option of being referred to Stockholm Care by their embassy, by their Public Health Authority or a hospital in their home country. If an Embassy or the Public Health Authority or a hospital will sponsor the costs of medical services, this must be agreed prior to initiation of the treatment planning. The Embassy, the Public Health Authority or the hospital need to provide Stockholm Care with a Letter of Guarantee that states that the institution will take responsibility for and cover the costs for medical services.

Patients from a EU country financed by Public Health Authority
If you as a patient come from a EU country and would like to be refereed to Sweden for a planned medical procedure, you first need to check that your national health system or insurance covers the planned treatment. If planned medical services are covered, you can decide how you want the cost of treatment to be covered:

Option 1
You apply to your national health insurance for prior authorization (form S2) to go abroad for planned treatment. If you have obtained an approved form S2, the costs of treatment will be dealt with by the relevant institutions in your home country and the country of treatment. Usually you must pay upfront for travel, accommodation outside of the hospital and interpreters.

Option 2
A normally faster route is to pay upfront for planned medical services and claim reimbursement later per the reimbursement rates applied for the same treatment in the country where you are insured. If you choose this option you will follow the process of Self-paying patient, see above.

The cost of your treatment abroad is covered only if the national social security system in the country where you are insured covers it. If it doesn’t, your national health insurance is not obliged to authorize treatment abroad (form S2) or to reimburse the costs (although, of course, it may choose to do so).

Contact your national authorities to find out what options are available to you.

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