In the specialty of Eyes, we primarily work with St. Erik Eye Hospital. St. Erik Eye Hospital is one of the leading eye hospitals in Europe and the most comprehensive ophthalmic and vison research institution in Sweden. About 175,000 patients from Stockholm County, Sweden, and abroad are treated here annually.

Translational research is conducted in close collaboration with Karolinska Institute, a university with a long research tradition. This creates excellent conditions for the highest scientific standards and controlled research results. Many doctoral theses are based on ophthalmic research at the hospital and research findings are quickly transformed into medical procedures, such as improved surgical techniques.

Specific areas of expertise include:


St. Erik Eye Hospital performs more corneal transplantations than any other eye clinic in Sweden. Surgeries include various lamellar techniques. Crosslinking as well as medical excimer treatments are also performed. In addition, the hospital manages a cornea bank where donor corneas are stored for transplantation.

Medical and Surgical Retina

St. Erik Eye Hospital has Scandinavia’s largest center for ophthalmic care for conditions at the back of the eye, and offers highly specialized medical and surgical treatments of the retina, macula and vitreous body.

Oculoplastic Surgery

St. Erik Eye Hospital has the largest oculoplastic and lacrimal surgery clinic in Sweden. The annual number of operations performed is approximately 2,000, involving:

  • Tear duct conditions
  • Injuries to the eyelid
  • Eye socket procedures
  • Diagnosis and treatment of tumors in the eye socket

Patients with inflammatory conditions in the eye socket and the extraocular muscles are diagnosed and treated here. The clinic is ranked as one of the leading in Europe on orbital surgery and runs a consulting service at Karolinska University Hospital, where on occasion clinic staff also perform surgery together with other specialists, such as plastic surgeons.


St. Erik Eye Hospital is responsible for Sweden’s national ophthalmic oncology and ophthalmic pathology service. The clinic is specialised in diagnosing and treating, above all, retinoblastoma and ocular melanoma. St. Erik Eye Hospital also has the only ophthalmic pathology laboratory in Sweden.

Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus

St. Erik Eye Hospital has the largest clinic in the Nordic region for patients of all ages with strabismus and eye movement problems. In addition to medical examinations and treatments, corrective surgery is performed here. The clinic offers a comprehensive medical contact lens service for infants and young children.

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