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As home to the annual Nobel Prize
awards, Stockholm has a keen focus
of Life Sciences.

Stockholm Care is your direct link to
medical expertise provided by the
outstanding Swedish healthcare system.

Care Providers

Excellence of Swedish

Innovative medical breakthroughs
and state of the art advanced Medical

Highly specialized treatments or
long-term rehabilitation programs.

Medical Areas

Stockholm Care is your pathway to world-class Swedish Healthcare

The Swedish healthcare system and Swedish healthcare expertise ranks among the best in the world. Stockholm Care provides international stakeholders’ easy access to the expertise and services of Sweden’s leading hospitals, specialist clinics and medical institutions located in Region Stockholm, for example Karolinska University Hospital. We offer world-class treatments to international patients, education and clinical training of healthcare professionals and healthcare related consulting services.

Request for Medical Treatment

Swedish healthcare is renowned worldwide for its many innovative medical breakthroughs and outstanding healthcare services. International patients can benefit from having access to the highly skilled medical community in Stockholm.

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How to Ask for Second Opinion

Examining all of your options provides peace of mind and allows an informed decision. Our dedicated specialists can look at your case and give an important second opinion regarding your current diagnosis and treatment plan.

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Receive Education and Training

Different categories of medical staff can get access to educational programs and specialist training courses conducted by Stockholm Care´s educational partners in the region.

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Seek International Partnerships

International stakeholders are invited to ask for healthcare related consulting services or send inquiries for partnership opportunities. Are you interested to take part of Stockholm Care´s professional network, please send us your request.

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